Mexican lucha libre is a bit different from any other wrestling leagues. In Mexico, there are 2 groups: the Rudos (as in rough or tough) and the Técnicos (the good guys, the ones who follow rules and always use technical measures to win a fight).

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During rumbles, these groups are managed by the referees. Each fight has 2 refs, and sometimes, one of them has a certain degree of preference towards the Rudos. They tend to ignore low blows, they look the other way then they are using a chair to hit the other person’s head, or just miscount the 3 seconds when the Rudo’s back is flat on the ring.

You need to understand that this exists, in order to understand how this panel is going to work. ;)

So, now that you know, let us get more into what we'll see in June.

There will be a panel of 2 teams that will debate in 3 rounds the most important issues used to develop web front ends. The audience will decide in the end who wins each round.

Participants: 2 teams, RUDOs and TECHs .

On behalf of the RUDOs:

Javier Cervantes and Manuel Vidaurre

And, on the TECHs’ side:

Francisco Viramontes and Edwin Cruz

Time limit: each round will have a 10 minute limit. Each team will have 5 minutes to present their arguments. The format to switch between luchadores (wrestlers) will be a regular tag team match; consisting of 2 luchadores per team, fighting one on one, until they “tag” their teammate’s hand and are relieved.

Referees will facilitate the discussion, taking notes of comments that can be used to clarify arguments or debates. They will also monitor the audience in case there are any participants that want to jump in.

There will be 3 main topics to discuss:

  • Advantages

  • How is it executed in practice

  • Future path

Join us and see how this talk unravels! Follow the moves and help us define the winner by tweeting with the hashtags that we’ll provide on the day of the fight. Federico Soria will create a small twitter app to get the final score, so the audience really gets to decide who wins this match!

Get your ticket today, and join us in June!