Don't worry, we won't lose our steam for Day Three! We've got a great and engaging lineup for Friday, so make sure to drag yourselves out of bed for this one.

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"If you were a carpenter, would your skills at building be more important than the tools you use to build? Skills, right? Tools are just a means to an end. So why do developers think the language they use defines the problems they solve?

This talk will take a look at misconceptions across the board, some experiences, both positive and negative, people have had crossing barriers to new languages, and show some of the benefits thinking of one's self as a coder and not a ""Ruby coder"" or a ""PHP dev"" can have on being a better problem solver."

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"Graduates exit university and enter the IT workforce largely unprepared for what they encounter. We have seen a gap in knowledge between where graduates stand and where we, in the industry, need them to be; notably regarding software engineering principles, especially Agile, in use at successful businesses. At the beginning of 2013, we set out to bridge this gap. This presentation showcases how we took a simple idea to foster a culture of good development, design, testing and project management in excited students.

This session challenges the listener to think differently about how industry and education intersect, and how innovative ideas that help build a community of graduates who are prepared for the industry is beneficial to everyone.

Expected learning outcomes:

Understand how creating a culture of software excellence in graduates can help you and why is in our own benefit.

Through an example of a case study, understand how a small group of people iterating quickly can grow an idea.

Understand that the IT graduates will become part of our collective, so how can we bring innovation to empower and improve the both the engagement with and the technical level of these graduates."

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"This talk is about ways to hack your team for a more efficient, productive and ultimately happier existence. That's the good news. The bad news is hacking your team starts with hacking yourself.

In 1936, Dale Carnegie published a book called ""How To Win Friends And Influence People"". You may have heard of it. In 1989, Stephen Covey published ""The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People"". I was 6 years old.

What can these old books (and others) teach us about working as part of a modern software team today?

A hell of a lot, actually.

We'll look at some of the hacks, I mean techniques, raised in these books, and investigate how they apply in the modern software team."

image alt (see earlier blog post entitled "Let's get ready to rumble! 2 to 3 rounds: MV* stack VS Rails 4 omakase.")

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"Ever wake up and think ""I'm the best programmer alive, there is literally nothing left for me to learn""? Well neither have I. We all know we could be better, but where to start? This talk focuses on pragmatic ways we can become better programmers, better open source citizens, and make our community stronger every day."

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