Hola, Luchadoras and Luchadores,

I hope that you have your bags and tickets ready to travel here next week. This time around, I have some cool news to share.

As a Magma Conf Platinum Sponsor, Github was granted 5 tickets to give away to anyone they chose. When they reached us, they had a much better plan: why not give them away to local developers who want to attend but can’t afford it? This was really exciting for us and we totally supported giving away 5 scholarships.

However, GitHub wanted the tickets to be given to people who deserved it the most. We contacted Codificadas and Web Dev Talks (2 local Development communities), to help us select the winners.

The Scholarships include: Entrance to the Magma Conf event during the 3 days, as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, a few more things here and there that we hope will make this an awesome experience for all of them.

How were the tickets won?

The members of both communities had an internal selection process, which were code challenges or some other sort of contest. They also evaluated the profiles of the contestants and considered any other details that might impact their decision.

Who won?

Here is the list of winners. Please congratulate them when you see them at the event:


1.- Maritza F.

2.-Elizabeth V.


3.- Rafael L.

4.- Kevin P.

5.- Yesica Y.

Be sure to say hello to these 5 lucky ones, and welcome them to the awesome Magma Community!

We want to thank GitHub for once again supporting communities and individuals that want to continue learning and growing professionally.

See you at MagmaConf!