Announcing Our Github Scholarship Winners!

Hola, Luchadoras and Luchadores,

I hope that you have your bags and tickets ready to travel here next week. This time around, I have some cool news to share.

As a Magma Conf Platinum Sponsor, Github was granted 5 tickets to give away to anyone they chose. When they reached us, they had a much better plan: why not give them away to local developers who want to attend but can’t afford it? This was really exciting for us and we totally supported giving away 5 scholarships.

MagmaConf Day Three Sneak Peek

Don't worry, we won't lose our steam for Day Three! We've got a great and engaging lineup for Friday, so make sure to drag yourselves out of bed for this one.

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"If you were a carpenter, would your skills at building be more important than the tools you use to build? Skills, right? Tools are just a means to an end. So why do developers think the language they use defines the problems they solve?

This talk will take a look at misconceptions across the board, some experiences, both positive and negative, people have had crossing barriers to new languages, and show some of the benefits thinking of one's self as a coder and not a ""Ruby coder"" or a ""PHP dev"" can have on being a better problem solver."

MagmaConf Day Two Sneak Peek

*Quick update on Day One before we jump into Day Two: We're psyched to have David Meyer of OneLogin opening the conference! image alt

Sounds like we'll be starting the conference on the right foot!

And now, a few more scintillating snippets of the talks you'll enjoy on Thursday, Day Two of MagmaConf:

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"Have you ever wonder what it takes to turn your SaaS into an On-Premise project? At GitHub, we've developed a series of tools to help us build, test and release GitHub Enterprise in a matter of minutes.

What People Are Saying About MagmaConf

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